Monday, 21 October 2019

Guess the Roulette Game Using Secret Tricks

Online gambling games increasingly day more and more choices of games that can be selected. One online gambling game that you can make a choice for is roulette. Gambling games that use a small ball also has its own charm that makes it very much in demand.

One of the reasons why this game has become very popular, is because the game is very easy to play. Each player only needs to guess it, but is it that easy? Of course not right? That's right for that, on this occasion we have presented the following secret tricks in guessing online roulette games.
By Paying Attention to Wheel Rotation

The first step if you want to guess the game of roulette is to pay attention to the spin of the wheel. This gambling game uses small balls like marbles that spin on round wheels. Well for those of you who want to win this game need to use secret tricks. The secret trick is to pay attention to the wheel rotation.

Every time the ball rotates, then make sure it stops at what number and how many times the chance the ball stops at the same place. By paying close attention then you can determine the next number that will come out. How to? The trick is to use the basic statistical formula.

Using Basic of Roulette Game as Statistics Formulas

As continued from the first way, the players who have noticed every turn of the wheel. Also has ensured the ball is spinning and stopping anywhere, then the next step is to use basic statistics. Then how is the work of the basic statistical rumusa used? The step you need to do is collect the numbers that come out. This basic same as when you played gambling at too.

For example like this, if number 2 appears 3 times, then number 3 appears 6 times and so on. After you group them, based on the basic statistical formula that is every number that comes out at the least, has the potential to come out in the next round. This means you just choose the numbers that are at least out. Easy right?

With this formula, it is easier for each player to get a chance to win. Good luck and hopefully useful in Game.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

The Origin of the Domino Card and Its History

Like playing cards, dominoes are also very popular card games among the public. This domino card consists of 28 small rectangular cards with a picture of red dots that have a variety of numbers.

Dominoes can be played for mere entertainment or for gambling games, both conventional and online, through your smartphone. Domino is very much played by people, especially in rural areas, whereas in the old days dominoes were only played by nobles or kings.

Domino Card Game From China
The domino game is thought to originate from China which appeared in 1120 AD. This game was made by a Chinese emperor's servant named Keung Tai Kung to be presented to the emperor during the reign of Emperor Hui Tsung.

Domino games are very popular among Chinese people. This made Emperor Kao Tsung, who was the successor of Emperor Hui Tsung, spread the game of dominoes to various parts of the world in 1127 AD to 1163 AD Chinese traders and merchants also spread the game to the European continent.

Europe Develops Domino Games

This domino game is very much played on the continent of Europe, especially in the Naples and Venice region in the 18th century. Based on its name, the word domino is derived from the Latin word dominus which means host. So this domino card game is really growing rapidly in Europe. The reality is that the domino games that we know so far have originated in Europe.

It is possible that domino games originating from China experienced evolution when they entered Europe. This has become the assumption of many people that this game originated from Europe. Dominoes have also undergone many changes, just like the playing cards.

The development from time to time to make dominoes can be played online. Especially if at this time the internet can sustain all life. This card game also evolved so that there are various types of games that use this card as a medium. Call it the game there is domino 2k or better known as the city dealer.

Bandar ceme is an online game that can be played by up to 8 players. The aim of this game is to defeat the city. The highest value of this type of card game is 9. If the dealer earns a value of 9, the dealer will automatically become the sole winner. If one of the players gets a value of 9, the dealer must pay 2 times the amount of the bet placed by the player.

How, is it really not easy this game? That is the origin and history of domino cards. Hopefully this article is useful for you all. You can also read various types of playing card games that we have provided in HKb288 website.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Online BLackjack Games That Can Improve Play Skills

Do you want to practice your basic strategy and skills and skills in the Blackjack game? On this occasion, we will provide some of the best choices for you all. With 6 information online blackjack games that can improve playing skills, guaranteed you will be good in one night.

You can learn basic strategies much faster if you play Blackjack Online on your smartphone or PC. Fortunately at this time many sites have a variety of blackjack game options that you can download for free. You can even play some online blackjack games which of course have their own rules. Below we have summarized 6 of the best Blackjack Online games available online.

The best Blackjack Online game available online

There are several versions of the site that have free features and the rest are required to pay. But this will be comparable to the experience you get. Here are some online blackjack games that you must download.

Blackjack Switch

You will only use one deck of cards. The dealer must stand at 17 and the player is allowed to split a pair of cards only once. You can shuffle a few cards even if you have split your Ace. But if you get a card worth 10 points, this will count as 21 and not as Blackjack. Double Down is the same as your bet and is only allowed at 9, 10 and 11. The payment is 3: 2 and there is no Surrender option. You can play it at agen casino terpercaya.

In Blackjack Bonus

You will play using 2 decks of cards and the Dealer must reach 17. Re-Split is allowed up to three times. You can Split Aces only once and then you can shuffle one and receive a 10-point card that won't count as Blackjack, it will be counted as 21. Double Down is allowed on every first two cards dealt to you and you can't Double Down if you have Blackjack. The payment is 3: 2 and there is no Surrender option.

With Big Five Blackjack

You will use 5 deck cards. If the Dealer has 17, he must reach it. You can split two cards and this option is only available once for Ace. You will only get one card in each round if you divide Ace and you have to Stand. Getting a 10 card, won't get you a Blackjack, it will only count as 21.

You can Double Down each of the first two cards, but that won't work if you have Blackjack. Your bet must be worth half the amount of your original bet. If you have a bad hand, you can choose Surrender. The payment is 3: 2.

Atlantic City Blackjack

This is a fairly common game by playing as many as 8 decks of cards. The dealer must reach 17. You cannot make a Surrender if the Dealer shows an Ace but if you insist on doing so then part of the value of your bet belongs to the Dealer.

You can Split three times in this game. You cannot have a Blackjack with 10 and Ace cards. Double Down is allowed on every first two cards. The payment is 3: 2 and you can choose the Surrender option if you have a bad Hand. The good news is this game is free.

That's 6 online blackjack games that will be able to improve your playing skills. Happy learning and good luck always winning in every game.

The Most Popular Types of Card Games in Indonesia

The popular card game is the most popular type of game in Indonesia. In addition to free time or rest, playing cards can also make you have many friends. In Indonesia alone there are many kinds of card games. You must be familiar with hoe card games, 41 which have become the most popular card games in Indonesia.

Of the many types of card games, the 13banting team has summarized the most popular types of card games in Indonesia. Here is a list of the 13 most popular card games in Indonesia, 13banting:

5 Types of Popular Card Games in Indonesia

Capsa Banting

Capsa Banting or also known as Big 2, is a playing card game that is popular and is often played among Indonesian people. With a maximum of 4 players, each player will be given 13 cards each. The game will start from the game that has the lowest card (three diamonds) and the game that has the first time to spend cards in his hand will come out as the winner.

Capsa Susun

Capsa Susun Online is a card game similar to Capsa Banting. Capsa Susun is played by 4 players, with 13 cards to be dealt to each player. The difference is that each player is required to arrange cards into 3 parts (5-5-3). 5 cards at the bottom and in the middle, while 3 cards are at the top. Once neatly arranged, each player will compare each part of the cards that they have arranged to determine the winning points.

41 Indonesian Popular Card Games

Permainan satu ini sudah pasti tidak asing lagi bagi beberapa kalangan pencinta kartu remi karena peraturannya yang bisa dibilang cukup mudah dan sederhana. 41 dimainkan oleh 4 orang. Sesuai dengan namanya, permainan ini mengandalkan perhitungan dan keberuntungan pemain dalam mengumpulkan kartu yang bergambar sama dengan jumlah nilai total 41.


Cangkulan is a game favored by the people of Indonesia because it can be played by 4 to 6 people. The rules are quite easy, the players just throw a card with the same picture until the card in his hand runs out. If a player does not have a card with the same image as a card issued by another player, then the player must take a card in the deck until they find the same picture.


Blackjack merupakan permainan kartu sederhana yang memiliki jumlah pemain lebih banyak daripada permainan kartu lainnya. Jika pada permainan kartu 41, pemain harus mengumpulkan nilai 41. Maka, pada permainan ini para pemain cukup mengumpulkan nilai sampai 21. Namun, untuk memenangkan permainan Blackjack Anda tetap memerlukan keberuntungan, kesempatan, dan strategi tentunya.

Besides card games, you can also look for other alternatives such as online casino games. Examples are roulette, sicbo and live dingdong games. You must try the game, because it is guaranteed to make your day feel so fast and not boring.

Indonesian Popular Playing Card Game

Those are the various types of playing cards, the most popular in Indonesia, the 13banting version. For those of you who like playing cards, Team 13 has a game that you definitely like. You can find out on the playing card game.

In addition to playing card games, you can also find many favorite card games, ranging from Capsa Susun, Capsa Banting, BlackJack to and poker. So what are you waiting for? Play now your favorite card game right now.